Special Projects


Pedestrian Bridges

Walkways for pedestrians, cyclists and other traffic other than vehicular is needed is high traffic and busy areas. They are a safe way for others to cross roads and highways as well as waterways. Fetters Construction Inc. has the ability and experience to perform the work needed to build pedestrian bridges that complement the surrounding landscape as well as create a safe path for those of the community.


Neighborhood Health Clinic

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fetters Construction Inc. set a steel framed pedestrian bridge 80 feet in length across South Calhoun Street. The bridge was enclosed with glass curtain walls and connects to the existing Health Clinic on one side and new construction on the opposite side. In addition to the bridge, a new 305 stall, four level, post tension cable, cast-in-place concrete parking garage with two stair towers clad in brick and glass curtain wall panels was constructed on the east side of the bridge. 


Purdue Crosswalk

West Lafayette, Indiana

This pedestrian crosswalk at Purdue University was a fully engineered clear span bridge of steel construction. The bridge was prefabricated by Contech. Fetters Construction Inc. installed the bridge, placed the concrete deck, concrete abutments and foundations. The bridge spans 50 feet in length and 6 feet 6 inches wide.

Parking Garages

As the community continues to expand, safe designated parking areas are needed. At Fetters Construction Inc. we are able to efficiently design and build parking structures equipped with multiple levels and parking spaces as well as stair towers and elevators.


Neighborhood Health Clinic

Fort Wayne, Indiana

A new 305 stall, four level, post tension cable, cast-in-place concrete parking garage with two stair towers clad in brick and glass curtain wall panels was newly constructed by Fetters Construction Inc. The parking garage was connected to the east side of the new pedestrian bride that takes patients and workers directly to the Health Clinic across the street. It is beneficial to every day community members who need to park for work or casual errands. It also contains a four stop traction elevator and is adjacent to an enclosed northwest stair tower.


Airport Modifications

Fetters Construction Inc. has well-rounded experience in the construction of various airport construction projects. From experience with new learning facilities, hangers and parking spaces, we are able to keep up with the fast paced growth of this transportation.


Ivy Tech Aviation Center

Fort Wayne, Indiana

The new 21,000 square-foot Aviation Center triples the previous classroom space at Smith Field and provides additional hangar availability, which allows room for the full fleet of aircrafts used in the Aviation Maintenance Technology program.


Fort Wayne Airport Car Rental & Parking Area Modifications

Fort Wayne, Indiana

A new crosswalk canopy and 6 car rental canopies along with a new parking lot was created to reduce the length of the walk to and from the terminal. It's carefully designed shape makes it more customer friendly and provides easier access to those passengers needing car rentals.


Metal Technologies Hangar

Auburn, Indiana

Metal Technologies out of Auburn, Indiana currently occupies a hangar west of the main terminal. 


Wastewater Treatment Plants

Construction of Wastewater Treatment Facilities generally include sitework, architectural, structural, HVAC, plumbing, process-mechanical piping and equipment, electrical and instrumentation and control work. Fetters Construction Inc. is fully prepared to work alongside the town's or city's government to create and upgrade their plants in order to improve their maximum potential.


Middlebury Wastewater Treatment Plant

Middlebury, Indiana

A few major features of the Middlebury plant include expansion of pump stations, new distribution boxes, rehabilitation of existing final clarification equipment and other associated piping, pumping, electrical, paving and facility improvements.