Bird's Eye View of Promenade Park

Fetters Construction is close to finishing up their carpentry package at Promenade Park in Fort Wayne. The project surrounds the St. Mary’s River and includes a pavilion, an elevated canopy trail and an amphitheater. The project includes numerous unique carpentry features such as IPE decks, Cedar tongue and groove, and a reclaimed wood wall. Austin Conrad, Khris Royer and Eric Garner are Fetters’ lead contacts on the project. The creation will be complete in time for the grand opening on June 21st.

You can get a bird’s eye view of the construction in progress provided by Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly.


Fetters Olympic Games

The team at Fetters Construction held their first annual Olympic Games on August 17. The Olympics took place at the Fetters office/yard. Three teams combined of Superintendents, Shop and Office were created to compete in 9 various events, including hanging a door and scanning a document. Each event was aimed to highlight individual’s skillset that helps make Fetters Construction successful! Plenty of friendly banter was had in the weeks prior to the games, making seeing other team’s members more interesting during the day to day work week. Each event was timed and scored, with ways to lose points possible. The very last event utilized every team member and was the most competitive event! The teams attempted to drop a coin from the forks of a lull onto a target to gain points. Out of the three teams, TEAM AUSTIN (a team without the actual Austin), took the overall win of the 2018 Olympics. A trophy was crafted by members of the Fetters team and placed in the front office, proudly displaying the name of the winning team! With suggestions/enjoyments rolling in from participants, Fetters Construction’s Culture Team will be preparing for next year’s games.


Fetters Employee Wins Apprentice Competition

Donald Studebaker, a Fetters Construction Bricklayer, is part of the BAC 4 IN/KY Apprenticeship & Training Program in Fort Wayne. Donnie, as most people call him, participated in the 2018 State Apprentice Contest and took first place in the Apprentice 2nd Year Division for the Fort Wayne Chapter. All of the contestants from across the state of Indiana competed for cash prizes. Donnie and the other first place winners throughout the country will come together to compete at the Masonry Skills Challenge in Las Vegas 2019. Congrats Donnie!!

Here is a clip of Donnie during the competition:


DeKalb County Pink Out

Dekalb County is sponsoring “Pink Out” May 17th for early detection and education for Breast Cancer. Multiple events will take place in Auburn this day including a band, parade, luncheons and more!

Classic City Cookies is donating ½ of all cookie order proceeds (orders are due by 5/11) and by eating at Mad Anthony’s in Auburn May 8th, 15% of your bill will also be donated to Dekalb County Pink Out.


Christmas Hallway Decorating

The Fetters Construction office was divided into 4 teams prior to Christmas and challenged to decorate their hallway based on a given Christmas theme. The themes were “Santa’s Workshop, Songs of Christmas, Wonder of Christmas as a Child and Winter Wonderland/Frosty. An outside judge was brought in to score the teams based on imagination, visual impact and craftiness. Santa’s Workshop {Samantha, Amber, Clint, Terry, Denise} took the win with moving parts on a door! Everyone had a great time during this challenge and ideas are already being tossed around for next year.

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