Fetters Construction acquires Corporate Construction

Fetters Construction Inc. announced the acquisition of Corporate Construction, Inc., an innovative 20-year old construction firm located in Auburn, IN and well known for their expertise in industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing maintenance and construction throughout the Midwest.  Combined, Fetters Construction and Corporate Construction have delivered more than $1 Billion in construction projects and bring over 50 years of experience to the construction market throughout Indiana and neighboring states.  Corporate Construction will become a division of Fetters Construction and retain the well-known name, but now with the backing and depth of the Fetters Construction team. 

“This new partnership offers an innovative approach to construction in this area,” stated Fetters Construction President Eric Pedersen, “and the Fetters Construction/Corporate Construction team brings a fresh approach and increased efficiencies to the construction management and design-build market.” 

Fetters Construction, long known for their ability to manage multiple projects with a focus on pricing and scheduling efficiency, and Corporate Construction, well understood as an industrial facility expert, provides an organization boasting extensive industrial experience and a long-standing resume of experience in the construction industry.  This new enterprise supplies an approach to the design-build method of project delivery that integrates the design and delivery process with a single, unified flow of work from initial concept through project completion.  

“Corporate Construction has always been considered an innovator when it comes to supplying high-quality service to our customers,” added Doug Hofer, President of Corporate Construction, “and combining this can-do attitude with the well-respected reputation of Fetters Construction provides our customers, and all industries in the Midwest, with a premier building and building maintenance partner!”

This acquisition will take place immediately. 

For more information, please contact Tim Ehlerding, Business Development, Fetters Construction Inc., (260) 570-6596, or tim.e@fettersconstruction.com