East Noble Granite Boulder

A large granite boulder unearthed at the construction site for the new East Noble Middle School will become part of the school’s campus. The boulder was discovered in the northwest corner of the site about two months ago while clearing the land. It took two bulldozers to dig up the buried boulder. The boulder is estimated to be 5 feet high and 18 feet long, and weighing 75,000 to 85,000 pounds. It’s believed the boulder was deposited in the ground during the last ice age. Moving it off site would have been a very expensive proposition, so East Noble officials decided to make it part of the school campus.

The boulder was moved to a permanent position near the corner of Drake Road and Weston Avenue. It will be sandblasted and engraved with East Noble Middle School. Fetters Construction is the General Contractor on the site and is making sure the project is moving along on the 27-acre site. The new school is scheduled to open in August 2018. To view aerial video of the East Noble Middle School site and the boulder, go to youtube.com/user/drone1eastnoble.