Fetters Construction Sends Two to Training

Fetters Construction is getting involved in the UBC Superintendent Training Program in Las Vegas at the International Training Center. It is an 18 month program to transition exceptional Carpenters into the role of Superintendent by pairing them with a mentor within the organization who acts as a facilitator and resource during their training process. The program includes four 3 day trainings on-site in Las Vegas, 15 one-on-one Mentor Sessions which include topics ranging from pre-job start up to punch list procedures, and over 30 required on-job-training activities. This program is a great opportunity to provide comprehensive training to make sure the new Superintendent has all the necessary resources to be successful for both the company and our clients.

Austin Conrad and a current Fetters’ Superintendent traveled to Las Vegas in October to start off their journey in the UBC Superintendent Training Program. They are the first of many Fetters’ employees to take on this great opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge.