The idea to start this company in 1994 was built on the premise that quality is our priority— 

Every employee at Fetters Construction Inc. understands and respects the importance of constructing quality buildings and building positive rapport with every owner and architect. We pride ourselves in providing quality craftsmanship while being responsible and principled. Fetters Construction's governing values are:

  • INTEGRITY - honesty, openness, credibility
  • LEADERSHIP - direction, nurturing, alignment of thinking
  • CLIENT-FOCUS - building trust and loyalty
  • TEAMWORK - creating synergy in pursuit of collective goals
  • QUALITY - exceeding industry standards
  • SAFETY - striving to eliminate injury
  • PROFITABILITY - optimizing economic value for client, company and employee

It may not seem like these ideals are important when constructing a building, but we view ourselves as being a part of the community, giving as much as we benefit from what this area has to offer. Creating relationships on the basis of values, integrity and trust helps us to build with the quality every project deserves.